Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing
Contract Manufacturing


Zenvision Pharma's manufacturing facility provides contract manufacturing of Tx, OTC and Nutraceutical Products, pilot BE manufacturing services, as well as pre-clinical and clinical supplies for NCEs to global markets.

Zenvision is an established pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company with a brand-new facility to manufacture Oral Solids (Tablets, Capsules, Powder). We offer a complete suite of capabilities to take your product from raw material to your finished goods. Zenvision Pharma also manufactures and supplies Nutraceutical Products. This includes compounding, tableting, formulating & filling. Our new manufacturing facility is operational since 2022.

We are open to working with clients in the global market to provide alternate solutions at the most competitive price. Our capacity to produce low-volume, high-value products.

Zenvision Pharma has WHO-GMP, GMP, and FSSAI approval in place.

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Sachet
  • Pilot BE Manufacturing
  • Pre-Clinical Supplies
  • Clinical Supplies

Zenvision Pharma specializes in contract manufacturing and serves clients with comprehensive services from drug development through contract manufacturing. We offer in-depth support to our clients with development, manufacturing, regulatory, quality control & distribution management. Our domain expertise enables our clients to reduce costs, increase production capacity, or access specialized manufacturing expertise.

Zenvision’s Oral Solids (Tablets, Capsules, and Powder) manufacturing plant is operational since 2022. The plant is operational to collaborate with clients in the global market to provide alternate solutions at the most competitive price. The manufacturing plant’s capacity to produce low-volume, high-value products.

  • With industry-leading manufacturing equipment for Oral Solid, this is the safest, most reliable production line for your product.
  • Pilot-level manufacturing equipment ensures that your brand gets produced with the highest standards.
  • With 5 separate production areas
    • Separate area for packaging with Blister Packaging machine
    • Separate area for Capsule filling line
    • Separate area for Sachet filling
    • Separate area for Topical manufacturing
    • Separate Store area for raw materials
    • The plant can produce an entire product line at once without having to worry about quality control or contamination.
  • Unlimited scalability with a modular design that can be customized to meet specific customer needs.

Our  Quality Control (QC) area is where manufacturing meets perfection. The validation lab consists of a dissolution area, instrument area, sample preparation area, balance area, hot room, and GC room. We provide high-quality sample preparation that’s followed by accurate measurements and analyses that are completed by our certified GC technicians with over decades of experience.

The workspace at Zenvision has been designed such that cross-functional and interdepartmental departments can easily collaborate on projects and operate in unison. The office is also aesthetically pleasing, well-lit, and ventilated, and it has modern furniture and fittings. To improve the quality of work and productivity, every effort has been made to give employees a positive and welcoming work atmosphere.